Safety is the primary concern in every outdoor activity. Every outing of the New Mexico Mountain Club involves some measure of inherent danger, sometimes from the terrain or the weather (hazard), sometimes from lack of preparedness or absence of fitness on the part of the participant (risk). Some measure of hazard and risk is what we find challenging and attractive to our sports.

It is the personal responsibility of each participant in an NMMC event to ensure that they are physically fit enough to endure the field conditions that exist and also whatever unexpected conditions that may arise. Additionally, each individual must be properly equipped with sufficient personal gear, appropriate to the activity, and sustenance so that they may successfully deal with both normal and unanticipated circumstances. Furthermore, familiarity and competence with your personal equipment is necessary. First-aid kits are considered personal equipment and the club neither provides such materials, requires them to be carried by leaders or other hikers, nor suggests any manner of use.

Neither the New Mexico Mountain Club nor its volunteer leaders can predict all situations that may be encountered on an outing. We cannot remove either hazard or risk from our sports.

You assume all responsibility for your own preparedness, safety, medical care, and comfort.

Taking part in an NMMC event is acknowledgement and acceptance of these principles and all members and guests must sign a waiver of liability absolving the Club and its leaders of responsibility for untoward occurrences.

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