Gear for hiking in New Mexico conditions is not much different from that of any other area. Sturdy boots, a broad hat, a pack with enough volume for food, water, foul weather clothing layers, and the Ten Essentials will get you through most outings.

To start, purchase only what you really need, add extra items later as you find need or desire. It is all too common a mistake to buy items portrayed in catalogs as functional and necessary only to find that you are never in the situations depicted. Many closets and garages are filled with things that are never used because they are inappropriate.

Weight is an important issue but not an overriding one. Don't select lightweight equipment only to find it vulnerable to our rugged conditions.

Equipment dollars are best spent on durable, functional items which exactly fit the requirements of how, where, and when you hike. You will quickly learn that it is function and not fashion that gets you through. Purchase the best you can afford; you won't have to replace it unless you lose it or wear it out. Things that seem clever won't ever have the utility of basic items chosen carefully.

Crafted by Cornershop