Health & Safety

There are a variety of health and safety hazards that a hiker might have to contend with while on a club or individual Outing. Here are some suggestions for preventing or reducing the occurrence of such dangers when out on the trail.  The club library has several books that can provide you with more information about the suggestions below as well as other topics.

  1. Avoid Cotton Fabrics – Cotton is deadly. It does not wick moisture quickly and when it’s damp in wind, cotton draws heat from your body. It is very tempting to wear denim jeans to hike in but if they get wet, they will not dry quickly. Further, although durable, they can often restrict movement when trying to climb over trail obstacles.
  2. Check the weather before you go. While not foolproof weather forecasts can be a good guide to the conditions you can expect on the hike.
  3. Blisters – Be attentive to hot spots on your feet and stop to attend to them before they turn into blisters. 
Crafted by Cornershop