Hike Etiquette

Hiking etiquette consists of rules and guidelines for behavior designed to minimize the occurrence of friction between hike members and between a hiking group and other users of public lands. We hope you will keep them in mind when you are hiking with the Mountain Club or on your own. 

  1. In consideration of the wilderness and other wilderness users and your fellow hikers, do not use your music players, radios or other entertainment devices during an outing. Leave them at home or in the car. Take a break from being "wired in" and instead enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. 
  2. If you must bring a cell phone, leave it off during the hike. An exception is for medical personnel who are on call while they are on the hike.  
  3. Keep a decent space between you and the hiker in front of you. If you are stepping on someone’s heels, you are too close. Keeping distance between you reduces the likelihood of running into the other person if they stop suddenly. Further, on off-trail hikes keeping distance between you and other hikers reduces the likelihood of being whacked by a branch. 
  4. If you carry hiking sticks but are not using them, stow them on your pack or carry them in such a way that they are not posing a hazard to the safety of others. 
  5. Horses have the right away on the trail. They can spook easily so step off the trail to let them pass by.
  6. Uphill hikers have the right of way on a trail.  
  7. On the trail hike single file near the center of the trail and do not crosscut at switchbacks. 
  8. Adhere to the Leave no Trace ethic. Details about what this involves are on our Leave No Trace page.
  9. Respect property rights. Do not trespass on private property or Indian land without prior permission. 
Crafted by Cornershop