Hiker Responsibilities

As a participant on a NM Mountain Club hike, you are responsible for your own well-being. While our leaders work to assure that an outing is safe and fun, the success of a NM Mountain Club Outing depends on teamwork between the leader and the participants.  Leaders have their responsibilities but you have yours and primary among them is to be responsible for your safety and health. The following is a list of some of the components of that responsibility.

  1. Stay with the group. This should not be too difficult if you have chosen a hike that has a hike rating and description consistent with your own level of physical fitness and experience.   
  2. Come properly equipped. As a minimum you should be carrying the 10 Essentials.
  3. Do not leave the hike to take a potty break without telling the leader or the sweep (if there is a sweep).  Often there are others who need one too and the leader will stop the group so that everyone has an opportunity for such a break.
  4. Be prepared to contribute for your share of car pooling expenses.
  5. If you become lost or separated from the group, stay where you are. It is much easier for someone to find you then. 
  6. Be on time. Departure time is exactly what it says; it’s the time the group leaves the meeting place.  Being at the meeting place before the departure time allows time to sign the release sheet and set up car pool arrangements.
Crafted by Cornershop