Ten Essentials

For fun and safety, make sure you observe the ten essentials when hiking by bringing:

  1. A map of the area you are in, at sufficient scale to show terrain features
  2. A compass, set for current, local magnetic declination
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Extra food and water (plus water purifier if re-filling from field sources)
  5. Extra clothing layers (rain gear, wind gear, neckwarmer, gloves)
  6. Headlamp, extra fresh batteries, and extra bulb (headlamp is preferred over handheld flashlight)
  7. First-aid and hygiene supplies: bandages and pain relief; blister treatment; splinter removal; toilet paper; and personal, must-have, prescriptions
  8. Matches in waterproof container and/or cigarette lighter fire starter (candle, paraffin-soaked cotton balls)
  9. A loud whistle for signalling, Storm or Fox-40 style
  10. A sharp knife (a multi-tool with a blade is even better)
Crafted by Cornershop