For Members

NMMC members have access to information that is not shared with the general public. This includes current and past quarterly bulletins, which detail the club’s outings on the trail.

Members can also access the member directory, in order to contact other members, or to send messages to groups of members (climbers, climb leaders, outings chair, etc.).

Members can also submit an outing (hike or climb) using the online Events Calendar, which lists all club events, including meetings.

The NMMC library contents are also available for members to peruse.

With your cursor, hover over Events Calendar (one of the boxes in the brown menu bar at the top). A menu bar will display for Schedule a Hike. Click on that bar. Add the title. Under leader, type the first initial and last name of the hike leader’s name, or just type the last name. The system will suggest names before you have finished. Select the correct name. Under Date/Time, the default is for a multi-day hike. If yours is a single-day hike, uncheck the box for Show End Date. Mark your date and time. Select your meetup location and hike details.
The Hike Details text box has a set of controls much like Microsoft Word: you can use bold, underline, italics. You can add a hyperlink using the globe tab or you can simply paste a link into the box. You may also add links using the Links boxes beneath the Hike Details section. If you wish to close the hike to comments, you may. Only members may make comments, and we encourage you to leave them open. You may either preview or save your work. Because you may edit your hike after you’ve saved it, people who are new to this sort of interface may find it easier to save first, rather than previewing -- you’re less likely to accidentally erase your hike in a later step.
From any page, click on the link for the Events Calendar (which is located in the main navigation bar) for a month-by-month calendar or hover and a menu bar will display for Upcoming Events (which will give you a chronological list). Click on the name of the event you’d like to look at. The event information will display. Any text in brown is a link to additional information. You must be logged in to see leader contact and meetup information. If this is your event, click on Edit to make changes. (Note that the actual link is just under the E, hover until you see the arrow change to a hand). Be sure to save to preserve your edits.


Crafted by Cornershop