How to Log Into and Edit Your Member Account

Most current NMMC members already have their own online account and profile. Current NMMC members can login to access members-only content. If you are not a member, please learn more about joining. If you are an NMMC member, but don’t have an account with our website, please email the membership chair.

Please note: we currently do not allow new members to join through the website.  You can only join by sending in a membership application with your fee.

Members can login now!
Your initial Username and Password are your first initial and last name, all as one word and all lower case. For example, if your name was Jane Bloggs, your login and password would both be jbloggs. If you have a family membership, the login for all family members is the same, consisting of the first initial and last name of the first person listed on your membership application form. You’ll be taken right away to your member account page.
Once you’ve logged in for the first time, please select Edit. Using the boxes available, change your password, provide your correct email address and contact information, and indicate whether you’re willing to share that info with the club membership (it will not be available to the general public). Be sure to click Save at the very bottom of the page. You may save and edit as many times as you wish!
NMMC encourages its members to go green. However, if you change your street address on the website and want to continue to receive the quarterly NMMC Bulletin in paper copy by US mail, you must notify the membership chair of the address change.
Crafted by Cornershop