The NMMC keeps a number of excellent resources on hand in its library, which is available to members at each monthly meeting. The materials in the library include:

Category Subcategory Author(s) Title Year
New Mexico Conservation Valles Caldera Trust Valles Caldera National Preserve, Draft Framework and Strategic Guidance for Comprehensive Management 2000
New Mexico Geology   Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past No.4 South Zuni Mountains  
New Mexico Geology   Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past No.5 Silver City, Santa Rita  
New Mexico Geology   Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past No.7 High Plains - Northeast New Mexico  
New Mexico Geology Christiansen, P. et al. Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past No.8 Mosaic of New Mexico's Scenery, Parks, and History 1989
New Mexico Geology Chronic, Halka Roadside Geology of New Mexico (2 copies) 1969
New Mexico Geology Simpson, Bessie New Mexico Gem Trails 1992
New Mexico Hiking Guides Cunningham, Billy et al. Hiking New Mexico's Gila Wilderness 2002
New Mexico Hiking Guides Evans, Harry 50 Hikes in New Mexico (2--orig. 1984, rev 1995 1995
New Mexico Hiking Guides Hill, Mike Hikers and Climbers Guide to the Sandia Mountains 1991
New Mexico Hiking Guides Julyan, Bob Best Hikes with Children in NM - 2nd edition 1998
New Mexico Hiking Guides Kurtz, Don A Hiker's Guide to the Trails of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park 2002
New Mexico Hiking Guides Matthews, Kay Hiking Trails of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains, Including Cross Country Ski Info 1989
New Mexico Hiking Guides Parent, Laurence Hiking New Mexico 1996
New Mexico Hiking Guides Storhert, John Trail Guide to Lincoln NF, Smokey Bear, Sacramento, & Guadalupe Ranger Districts 1990
New Mexico Hiking Guides Unrecorded Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area, 1'st ed. 1979
New Mexico History Simmons, Marc New Mexico, an Interpretive History 1980
New Mexico Visitor Guides Hoard, Dorothy A Guide to Bandelier National Monument, rev. 1981
New Mexico Visitor Guides Martin, Craig Enchanted Waters, A Guide to NM's Hot Springs 1975
New Mexico Visitor Guides Pettit, Poland A. Exploring the Jemez Country, 2nd edition 1991
New Mexico Visitor Guides Varney, Philip New Mexico's Best Ghost Towns 1995
Southwest Climbing Guides Borneman, Walter A Climber's Guide to the Colorado's Fourteeners, updated 2nd ed. 1994
Southwest Climbing Guides Dawson, Louis Dawson's Guide to Colorado Fourteeners, Vol. 2: the Southern Peaks 1992
Southwest Geology Matthews, William A Guide to the National Parks: Their Landscape & Geology, vol I The Western Parks 1999
Southwest Hiking Guides Adkison, Ron Falcon Guide: Hiking Grand Staircase-Escalante & Glen Canyon Region 1997
Southwest Hiking Guides Allen, Steve Canyoneering, The San Rafael Swell 1997
Southwest Hiking Guides Annerino, John Sierra Club Totebook: Hiking the Grand Canyon (2 copies) 1983
Southwest Hiking Guides Butchart, Harvey Grand Canyon Treks I 1975
Southwest Hiking Guides Butchart, Harvey Grand Canyon Treks III 1999
Southwest Hiking Guides Dannen, Kent & Donna. Walks with Nature in Rocky Mountain NP 1985
Southwest Hiking Guides Evans, Harry 50 Hikes in Texas, rev. ed. 1983
Southwest Hiking Guides Ganci, Dave Desert Hiking 1981
Southwest Hiking Guides Hinchman, Sandra Hiking the Southwest's Canyon Country, 2'nd ed 1999
Southwest Hiking Guides Irwin & Irwin Colorado's Best Wildflower Hikes, Vol 1: the Front Range 1992
Southwest Hiking Guides Jones, Tom Colorado's Continental Divide Trail: The Official Guide 1988
Southwest Hiking Guides Kelsey, Michael Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau, 3rd ed. 1992
Southwest Hiking Guides Kelsey, Michael Hiking and Exploring the Paria River 1981
Southwest Hiking Guides Lonely Planet Hiking in the U.S.A. 1997
Southwest Hiking Guides Moore, Jason Hiking Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Wilderness 1979
Southwest Hiking Guides Ohlrich, Warren Aspen Snowmass: A Hiking Trail Guide 1996
Southwest Hiking Guides Pixler, Paul Hiking Trails of Southwestern Colorado, 2nd ed. 1992
Southwest Hiking Guides Rosebrough, Robert The San Juan Mountains: A Climbing and Hiking Guide 1997
Southwest Hiking Guides Spangler, Sharon On Foot in the Grand Canyon: Hiking the Trails of the South Rim 1989
Southwest Hiking Guides Steck, George Grand Canyon Loop Hikes II 1980
Southwest Hiking Guides Warren, Scott 100 Classic Hikes in Arizona, 2'nd edition 1995
Southwest Hiking Guides White, Michael Nevada Wilderness Areas & Great Basin National Park: A Hiking & Backpacking Guide 1967
Southwest History Jerome, John L. Fourteen Thousand Feet: A History of the Naming and Early Ascents of the High Colorado Peaks 1968
Southwest Visitor Guides Bridge, Raymond Tourguide to the Rocky Mountain Wilderness 1991
Southwest Visitor Guides Casey, Robert L. Journey to the High Southwest 1984
Southwest Visitor Guides Laine, Don & Barbara New Mexico & Arizona State Parks: Complete Recreation Guide 1978
Southwest Visitor Guides Sierra Club Sierra Club Guide to National Parks: Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains 2001
General Conservation USDA Forest Service Forest Service Roadless Area Conservation Volume 2 – Maps of Inventoried Roadless Areas 1986
General Medical Kodet, Russel Being Your Own Wilderness Doctor 2000
General Trail Construction Proudman, Robert Trail Building and Maintenance, 2'nd ed. 1978
N. Amer. Guides Baja Robinson, John Camping and Climbing in Baja 1978
N. Amer. Guides California Winnett, Thomas Sierra North: 100 Backpacking Trips, 3rd ed. 1980
N. Amer. Guides California Winnett, Thomas The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail, rev. 3'rd printing 1989
N. Amer. Guides Eastern U.S. Curran, Jan D. The Appalachian Trail: How to Prepare for and Hike It 1994
N. Amer. Guides Mexico Franz, Carl People's Guide to Backpacking, Boating, and Camping in Mexico 1995
N. Amer. Guides Mexico Michelin Tourist Guide Mexico, 1'st ed. 1993
N. Amer. Guides North America Townsend, Chrris Adventure Treks Western North America and Canada: Overview and Trip Planner 1974
N. Amer. Guides United States Berger Hiking the Triple Crown (Appalachian, Pacific Crest, Continental Divide Trails  
N. Amer. Guides United States Backpacker Magazine Hiker's Guide to Our National Parks 1991
N. Amer. Guides Washington Bullard, Oral The Columbia Gorge: Short Trips and Trails 1992
Foreign Guides Africa Casimati, Neria Guide to East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, the Seychelles 1996
Foreign Guides Austria Hurdle Walking Austria's Alps Hut to Hut  
Foreign Guides China Man, John Tracking the Gobi Desert 1997
Foreign Guides Hawaii Fielding's Guide Hawaii 1996
Foreign Guides Malaysia Insight Guide Malaysia, 15th ed. 1996
Foreign Guides Saudi Arabia Thesiger, Wilfred Arabian Sands 1988
Foreign Guides South America Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring 1996
Hike/Backpack How To/General Angier, Bradford Wilderness Gear You Can Make Yourself 1978
Hike/Backpack How To/General Hampton, Bruce Soft Paths: How to Enjoy the Wilderness Without Harming It 1977
Hike/Backpack How To/General Johnson, Mark The Ultimate Desert Handbook: A Manual for Desert Hikers, Campers and Travelers 1986
Hike/Backpack How To/General Rawlins, Chip and Fletcher, Colin The Complete Walker IV 1964
Hike/Backpack How To/General Setnicka, Tim Wilderness Search and Rescue 1983
Hike/Backpack How To/General Riley, Alan & Joann Taking Your Dog Backpacking 1972
Hike/Backpack Narrative Bryson, George A Walk in the Woods 1989
Hike/Backpack Narrative Hodgson, Michael No Shit! There I Was: Wild Stories from Wild People 1988
Hike/Backpack Navigation Andresen, Steve The Orienteering Book 1983
Hike/Backpack Navigation Kjellstrom, Bjorn Be Expert with Map and Compass: The Orienteering Handbook 1999
Hike/Backpack Navigation Seidman, David The Essential Wilderness Navigator 1996
Mountain/Climb Arizona Waugh, Jim A Topo Guide to Granite Mountain, Prescott, AZ 1961
Mountain/Climb California Beckey, Fred Cascade Alpine GuideL Climbing & High Routes Rainy Pass to Fraser River 1977
Mountain/Climb California Beckey, Fred Cascade Alpine GuideL Climbing & High Routes Columbia River to Stevens Pass 1981
Mountain/Climb California Porcella, Stephen Climbing California's Fourteeners: 183 Routes to the Fifteen Highest Peaks (2 copies) 1987
Mountain/Climb California Reid & Falkenstein Rock Climbs of the Tuolumne Meadows 1971
Mountain/Climb Canada Kruszyna, Robert The Rocky Mountains of Canada North 1979
Mountain/Climb Colorado DuMais, Richard The High Peaks: A Climbing Guide to the Mountain Areas of Rocky Mountain NP 1988
Mountain/Climb How To/General Ferber, Peggy Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, 3rd ed. 1977
Mountain/Climb How To/General Graydon, Don Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, 5th ed. (2) 1980
Mountain/Climb How To/General Holmes, Don W. Highpoints of the U.S. 1997
Mountain/Climb How To/General Kelsey, Michael R. Climber's Guide to the World's Mountains 1985
Mountain/Climb How To/General Long, John How to Rock Climb 1996
Mountain/Climb How To/General Lyman, Tom The Field Book of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing 1976
Mountain/Climb How To/General McClung, David The Avalanche Handbook 1973
Mountain/Climb How To/General Pyatt, Edward Mountains and Mountaineering: A Guinness Superlatives Book 1995
Mountain/Climb How To/General Randall, Glen Vertigo Games 1971
Mountain/Climb How To/General Robbins, Royal Advanced Rockcraft (2 copies, 1973 & 1983) 1971
Mountain/Climb How To/General Roper, Steve Fifty Classic Climbs of North America 1990
Mountain/Climb How To/General Sierra Club Belaying the Leader: an Omnibus on Climbing Safety 1957
Mountain/Climb How To/General Storer, Ralph Mountain Trivia Challenge 1992
Mountain/Climb How To/General Walker, John Mountaineering: A Manual for Basic Mountaineering and Technical Climbing 1982
Mountain/Climb How To/General Wilkerson, James Hypothermia, Frostbite & Other Cold Injuries 1981
Mountain/Climb New Mexico Loucks, Barry & Rita Climber's Guide to the Lower Sandia Mountains  
Mountain/Climb South Dakota Gardiner, Steve Devil's Tower National Monument: A Climber's Guide 1996
Mountain/Climb United States Harris, Stephen L. Fire and Ice: The Cascade Volcanoes 1994
Mountain/Climb United States Zumwalt, Paul Fifty State Summits: Guide to State Highpoints 1987
Mountain/Climb Wyoming Bonney, Orrin Guide to the Wyoming Mountains and Wilderness Areas: Climbing Routes and Backcountry 1962
Mountain/Climb Wyoming Chicago Mtneering Club Climbing in the Wind Rivers 1983
Adventures Alaska Waterman, Jonathan Surviving: Study of Accidents on Mt. McKinley 1992
Adventures Europe Krakauer, Jon Eiger Dreams 1983
Adventures Europe Rebuffat, Gaston Starlight and Storm: 6 Great North Faces of Alps and Techniques of Mountain Climbing 1991
Adventures General Ament, Pat Spirit of the Age: Biography of Royal Robbins 1977
Adventures General Bass, Dick et al. Seven Summits 1979
Adventures General Koehler, Jim SAR - We Have A Mission 1987
Adventures General Messner, Reinhold The Big Walls  
Adventures General Muir, John Mountaineering Essays 1993
Adventures General Osins, Alison Second Ascent: Story of Hugh Herr 1974
Adventures General Rebuffat, Gaston Mont Blanc to Everest 1991
Adventures General Roskelley, John Stories of the Wall 1991
Adventures General Sierra Club Ascent: The Mountaineering Experience in World and Image, Vol IV 1993
Adventures General Talbot, Daniel A Treasury of Mountaineering Stories 1987
Adventures General Vermoulen, James (ed.) Mountain Journeys: Stories of Climbers and Their Climbs 1994
Adventures General Wilson, Ken The Games Climbers Play: A Collection of Mountaineering Writing 1998
Adventures General   The Falling Season (Aspen's Mtn. Rescue Team) 1993
Adventures Himalayas Anker, Conrad The Lost ExplorersL Finding Mallory on Mt. Everest 1980
Adventures Himalayas Bonington Annapurna South Face 1999
Adventures Himalayas Herzog, Maurice Annapurna 1984
Adventures Himalayas Holzel, Tom First on Everest: The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine 1954
Adventures Himalayas Kamler, Kenneth M. Doctor on Everest 1997
Adventures Himalayas Kropp, Goran Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey 1992
Adventures Himalayas Morse, R.G. The Naked Mountain: Nanga Parbat, Deadliest Peak in the Himalayas 1980
Adventures Himalayas Roskelley, John Nanda Devi 1983
Adventures Himalayas Shipton, Eric Mt. Everest Reconnaissance Expedition 1947
Adventures Himalayas Unsworth, Walt Everest 2003
Adventures Himalayas West, John (MD) Everest: The Testing Place 1969
Adventures Polar Alexander, Caroline The Endurance: Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition 1999
Adventures South America Kearney, Alan Mountaineering in Patagonia 1988
Adventures South America Taplin, Thomas Aconcagua 1985
Snow Sports Cross Country Cliff, Peter Ski Mountaineering 1983
Snow Sports Cross Country Litz, Brian Skiing Colorado's Backcountry: Northern Mountains--Trails and Tours 1986
Snow Sports Cross Country Osgood, William E etal Ski Touring: An Introductory Guide 1997
Snow Sports Skiing Gamma, Karl The Handbook of Skiing 1980
Boating Canoeing Beymer, Robert The Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Vol. 1: The Western Region, 5th ed. 1972
Boating Canoeing Maken, James C. Maken's Guide to United States Canoe Trails 1978
Boating Kayaking Seidman, David The Essential Sea Kayaker: A Complete Course for the Open Water Paddler 1978
Photography   Bean, L. L. Guide to Outdoor Photography 1982
Photography   Krohn, Michael Photographer for the Hiker and Backpacker 1977
Photography   Schiffman, Ted Guide to Backpacking and Photography 1968
Cycling Foreign Jones, J. Sydney Bike and Hike: 60 Tours Around Great Britain and Ireland  
Cycling Foreign Savage, Barbara C. (The Mountaineers) Miles from Nowhere: Around the World Bicycle Adventure  
Cycling General Braun, Randall Gray Cyclist's Route Atlas (California Counties) 1997
Cycling Mountain Biking Blouin, Nicole Falcon Guide: Mountain Biking Albuquerque 1999
Cycling Mountain Biking Hyanga/Shaw Mountain Bike Guide to the Jemez Mountains 1994
Cycling Rail Trails National Directory 700 Great Rail Trails 1992
Caving   Time-Life Book Underground Worlds  
Women   Bonnd, Marybeth Traveler's Tales A Woman's World: True Stories of Life on the Road 1980
Women   Nemi, Judith The Basic Essentials of Women in the Outdoors 1990

Natural History

Astronomy Menzel, Donald H. and Pasachoff, Jay M. A Field Guide to Stars and Planets 1984
Natural History Edible Plants Harrington, H.D. Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains 1981
Natural History Edible Plants Lincoff, Gary Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms (2 copies) 1980
Natural History Edible Plants States, Jack Mushrooms and Truffles of the Southwest 1990
Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds – Western Region Fauna Clement, Roland 1988
Natural History Farrand, John 1980
Natural History Farrand, John Jr. 1991
Natural History National Audubon Society Guide to North American Birds – Western Region Fauna NM Dept. Game & Fish 1988
Natural History Page, Lawrence M. 1990
Natural History Peterson, Roger Tory 1983
Natural History Fauna Robbins, Chandler Knowledge through Color: American Birds Natural History Fauna 2000
Natural History Fauna 1962
Udvardy, Miklos D. F. and Farrand, John Jr. A Guide to Field Identification: Birds of North America 1982
Natural History General Dodge, Natt N. Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert 1986
Natural History Geology Kues, Barry S. Fossils of New Mexico 1978
Natural History National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders Natural History Borror, Donald J. and White, Richard E. 1970
Natural History Insects Borror, Donald J. Simon & Schuster's Guide to Insects Milne, Lorus and Margery A Field Guide to the Insects of America north of Mexico (Peterson Field Guide) 1982
Natural History Plants Backpacker Magazine Trailside Gourmet: Backpackers Selected Recipes 1963
Natural History Plants Daniel, Glenda The Northwoods of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota 1996
Natural History Plants Dunmire, William Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province 1979
Natural History Plants Ferris, Roxana Death Valley Wildflowers 1976
Natural History Plants Kasbeer, Tina Flora of Baja Norte 1984
Natural History Plants Patraw, Pauline Flowers of the Southwest Mesas 1957
Natural History   Spellenberg, Richard National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Western Region 1979
Videos   Detterline, Jim Ice Climbing  
Videos   North Am. Telemark Org. The Telemark Movie 1987
Videos     Milford Trek  
Videos     Routeburn Walk  


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