Participation on a New Mexico Mountain club outing is open to all members. All members and non-members are required to sign a waiver before going on a hike. Our leaders are volunteers. Participants are responsible for their own well being while on NMMC outings. They are responsible for bringing their own gear (see Equipment page), including emergency gear. All participants are expected to stay with the group. The New Mexico Mountain Club cannot remove hazards from our outings. It is the personal responsibility of each individual participant to be physically fit and properly equipped for the trip.

Please read the hike listings, information about choosing a hike and hiker ratings carefully.Some outings require reservations but most do not. The hike listing will indicate if reservations are required. 

Guests and non-members are welcome on non-exploratory day hikes other than Class 4 but their participation must be cleared in advance.  If you are not a member of the club and are interested in going on a hike, please contact our Outings Chair or the trip leader.


Our trip leaders are volunteers. They receive no compensation for their services nor are they required to go through any kind of certification.  Hike leaders are not trained to administer first aid, nor do they carry a first aid kit for participants. They are not required to take anyone not properly prepared, equipped, or experienced. Leaders have final authority to limit participation on their hikes. The success of a NMMC outing depends on teamwork between leaders and participants.

It is required that leaders obtain signed waivers of liability prior to beginning a hike or climb. This is mandatory club policy. All members and non-members must sign the waiver and a parent or legal guardian must also sign for minor children wishing to participate, Please mail all such trip “sign-in sheets” to the Outings Chair. We keep a file of these for our information should problems arise on an outing and also to survey the number of participants and membership status. 

Crafted by Cornershop