Climbing School

Technical Rock Climbing School

The NMMC Technical Climb Section is chartered to teach a basic rock climbing school each spring.  Climb School dates, places, and content are subject to change without notice. Official information will be provided to registered students.

Registration is held in February and classes are conducted during April and May. Outdoor sessions meet on the weekends and typically run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or later. Be prepared for a moderate hike and a full day of climbing effort! If necessary, weather impacted sessions will be shifted to the following weekend or a later date as determined by the Chair.

"Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills" is the recommended text for the school.

Information presented here is not to be considered complete either representing course content or a statement of requirements for the student's preparation for safe participation.


The number of students is limited and sign-ups are based on a first-come basis.  You must be a member of the NMMC Technical Clmbing Section to participate.  

The NMMC does not provide personal equipment. Basic personal gear costs may range from $150 to $350.  If you do not have equipment, PLEASE do not rush to purchase! You have time to gather information, talk with experienced climbers and shop prior to our first outdoor session. Detailed information on required climbing gear will be provided at registration.

Course Schedule (TBD)

Minors sixteen years or older may attend the school with permission and joint registration of their parent or guardian and approval of the Chairperson. The parent or guardian must accompany and participate with the minor on each outing and classroom session.

For additional information about the school and how to register, please contact the Climb Chair or Co-Chair, or visit the Annual Climb School section under our Climbing Policies page.

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