Hiking activities in the Mountain Club include not only day hikes but also backpacks, car camps, snow shoeing and occasionally cross country ski trips. Like most outdoor activities, all of these carry a level of risk. Weather conditions, animals, terrain, and unfortunately other humans can pose uncontrollable and unpredictable threats to health and safety.

Hiking with a group is one way to reduce the level of risk and hiking with the Mountain Club makes that easy.  Checkout our upcoming hikes and read the information we have provided about choosing a hike.  Our sections on What to Know Before you Go and On the Trail, will give you valuable information about what to take on a hike, meetup locations, car pooling, and your responsibilities on the trail.   

Hikes may be changed or cancelled due to fire closures, snow or for religious reasons. Announcements of closures and fire dangers will be posted as announcements on the websites.  Please call and check with leader if fires or snow have been reported in the vicinity of the planned hike. 

Additionally, the Jemez Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest always locks its forest gates between December 15 and May 15. The same holds for the forest road across Mesa Chivato from the Rio Puerco valley to the town of San Mateo, near Grants. This prevents people from getting stuck in bad weather conditions and requiring rescue. It also prevents rutting of the dirt roads that transit those areas. Tapia Canyon and environs are also closed at certain times of year for religious ceremonies by Native Americans, please be respectful. Fines may also be levied for violating their aboriginal claims at these times. Call the administering agencies to be clear about closure possibilities. 



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