We have a general meeting the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Immanuel Presbyterian Church [link], located at 114 Carlisle Blvd SE (corner of Silver and Carlisle, one block south of Central).

Our entrance is at the northwest corner where there are double doors at ground level. Please use the two parking lots to the east of the church on Hermosa. Do not use the Co-Op parking lots to the west, where unwelcome cars are threatened with "the boot."

Always check your bulletin [link - members] or the calendar [link] to determine the correct date for a general meeting.

Meetings include general NMMC business, outings reports, a conservation report, a refreshments break, and an entertaining slide show, usually featuring a member's adventures in some exotic place.

We have a lending library of books on various outdoors topics. NMMC T-shirts, mugs, pins, and patches are for sale during the break. New members can join the NMMC at any general meeting.

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